Sunday, May 5, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Need I say more? If, like me, one of your main goals while working out is to "have fun," I've got an energetic class with a spunky instructor you've just got to try! Whenever I need to just let loose or blow off some steam, I always head straight to "Amy's class" as my friends and I affectionally call it. Depending on what studio you visit her, "Amy's class" has a couple different names. She teaches these classes at the following studios:

Moore Dancing: Cardio Dance Studio
Hip Hop Follow Along

LA DanceFit
Rockin' the House

This class uses a similar follow-along format like Zumba but instead of those sexy Latin ballroom steps, Amy keeps us going with some booty shaking, grapevines, jumping, pony-ing, cartwheel-ing around the room, and some more traditional dance/jazz steps that I have no idea the names. Replace those salsa and cha-cha tunes with the greatest of girl power, 80's wedding songs, top 40 hits, and some classic rap songs....oh and who can forget the occasional head banging, arm flailing rock song she throws into the mix. From the very first minute of class, you will absolutely love Amy's positive energy and enthusiasm for motivating others to just dance freely and 100%. This class is definitely super fun to go to with a girlfriend! Here are my go-to dance buddies for Amy's class:

Sweat Factor
Amy's amazing class definitely emphasizes the cardio aspect of a workout. She keeps you moving for an hour straight full of running, jumping, and all sorts of dancing! My friends and I always get a good sweat on in this class, so be sure to bring your towel and plenty of water to re-hydrate. In lieu of a towel, I'm sure Amy would be a fan of bringing some sweet wrist or head sweatbands. 

Swag Factor
This class tops the charts on my swag factor. While there are moments of pure silliness in this class (e.g., running around the room "Phoebe-style" where it is perfectly acceptable to bust out a cartwheel or two), Amy mostly keeps us grinding, shaking that booty, thrusting our hips, or attempting some other sexy moves! Think Rihanna's "Rude Boy" or Prince's "Kiss."

Strength Factor
While this class doesn't focus on pumping iron, Amy does a great job of incorporating some isolations on certain muscle groups. She will get those legs burning using a series of squats and getting low on some dance moves. She also includes at least one song focusing exclusively on arms and another focusing on abs. I would say it's 50/50 whether I wake up sore the next day from her class. 

What's the deal?
The two studios offer Amy's class at different prices. I tend to find LA DanceFit more affordable than Moore Dancing, but both studios offer a wide selection of dance classes. Depending on where you live and what kinds of classes you prefer, you might find the best deal for you at either studio! Here's the breakdown:

Moore Dancing offers first-time clients their first class at just $5. After that, their prices are as follows: 

LA DanceFit offers first time clients their first class FREE! After that, their prices are as follows:

A penny for your thoughts...

  • What are your favorite girl power workouts? 
  • What kind of music gets you motivated to do great workout? 

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