About Buff Girl

I'm Jenn, and I'm a 27-year-old living in Los Angeles. I spend the greater part of my days doing research on young children and families as a graduate student. As a fun, creative outlet to writing and studying, I am always looking for new ways to challenge my mind and body. I have always enjoyed working out for the sake of looking good...ehem...I mean, being healthy, but I absolutely hate running nor am I too motivated to hit the gym everyday (props to all of you who are that committed!). Attending workout classes motivates me to actually workout. Whether it be yoga, aerial arts, or zumba, I can't just walk into a class for 10 minutes and then sit down on the floor, which is usually what happens when I attempt running or going to the gym alone. Even better than the class actually forcing me to move for at least an hour, no matter how mentally drained I may feel after a day of statistics or revising a report, I know I can walk into a workout class and be mentally challenged in a completely different way. By the end of a 1-hour class, I am no longer thinking about any of the problems I had faced at work that day. I hope my passion for trying new kinds of workouts might inspire you to be adventurous in however you choose to workout and give you concrete ways to reach that goal!

About this Blog

Through this blog, I hope to create a forum for discussing ideas about what kinds of traditional and trendy workouts (e.g., aerial arts, barre, spinning, crossfit) exist in the world today. Through my adventures of trying all sorts of new workout classes, I will be giving some step-by-step guidance on how to find great deals for those of us 'on a budget.' Lastly, I will talk about any and all fitness stuff that is pertinent to working out, such as non-see-through workout leggings or the perfect headbands that don't slide off your head while doing an intense dance class.


All ideas expressed in this blog are based upon my own experiences and opinions. I will describe all deals that I stumble across, but please consult individual studios to learn about their current promotions and policies. If I am ever paid to review products or classes, I will disclose this information to my readers. 

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