Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fitness Fashion on a Budget

As easy, peasy, lemon squeezy that I thought attending new workout classes every week would be, turns out that's not so simple. I had good intentions of starting a boot camp or aerial arts package, but I just never worked it into my schedule. Despite my failure to attend an exciting new class, I still managed to do some decent workouts. Here's what I pulled out:

     Monday: 45-minute Nike Training Club workout courtesy of my iPhone app
     Tuesday: 30-minute Pyramid Workout in the park courtesy of 
     Julie @ A Better Life with Burgers
     Wednesday: 30-minute stretch sesh' to ease the pain of my sore legs
     Thursday: 60-minute dance class
     Sunday: Walk (and cartwheels) in the park and golfing at the range
From these workouts, you can see 2 fabulous outlets for staying in shape on a budget: iPhone apps and other fitness blogs. Based on recommendations from friends, I have tried Nike Training Club, I Map My Run, and My Fitness Pal. These were all free apps that at various times have motivated me to focus on my health. Secondly, I'm still branching out to read new fitness blogs, but I can always count on Julie's A Better Life with Burgers to detail some challenging in-home workouts. 

As promised last week, though, the rest of this post will be about finding cute workout clothes...on a budget of course! Last weekend, I went on a little shopping spree with Julie. We both wanted some new workout clothes to spruce up our wardrobes. In particular, as the days are getting warmer and longer, I really wanted some more knee or calf-length workout leggings. I already have 2 full length workout leggings: LuLuLemon and Gap Body....and 2 shorter leggings: Avia and Old Navy, which now that I'm writing all this down seems like a lot. However, I can go through all of those in 1 week, especially when you factor in that we do laundry about once every 3 weeks!

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. I LOVE coming home with new clothes, but I hate that I can never afford everything I want! Historically, I tend to shop either alone (terrible idea), with my mom, or with my boyfriend. Let's just say I'm entirely too indecisive to ever be trusted to shop alone. Then, I have the competing ideas of my mother and my boyfriend like the iconic angel or devil on my shoulder whether they're with me or not.

Mom: Do you really need that? Only buy that if you absolutely love it!
Justin: Stay focused. Come on, let's go. Yeah, that looks good. Buy 2 of them so we don't have to come back here anymore.

So Julie brings me to TJ Maxx, and I'm thinking, "Great! Stuff is cheap there..." True, but not when you try to buy 25 things. The woman in the dressing room had to give me some jinky, hand-written "16" items to bring with me in the fitting room. It was so fun watching her count the items on the way in....and out. Trust me. Then, Julie is a terrible influence when it comes to saving money, "Jenn, you should totally get that dress, tennis skirt, and highlighter yellow tank!" 

Thankfully, I came home to my voice of reason (sometimes) boyfriend who helped me decide what to return! He often reminds me to focus while shopping, and since I lost sight of that without him, I am returning the extra impulse buys. At the end of the trip, I scored 2 new spandex leggings (mission accomplished) and 2 new flowy tops (and a super cute knit, mesh sweater not featured below). 

The bill: 
Kyodan leggings with pink accents: $19.99
Avia leggings with purple accents: $14.99
Marika flowy workout tops: $9.99 each
Looking good while working out: Priceless

My boyfriend and I tried to capture the magic of my new workout clothes in the park. Here are some highlights:
I know what you're thinking, "Why is her left bicep so much smaller than her right?" I'm working on it, people! Focus on the cute pink waistband of these pants!
Notice more cute little pink accents on the calf of the leggings! 
I wasn't lying about those cartwheels.
Yes, you caught me, I tried color-coordinating with the flowers behind me.
I wore this last outfit golfing today, and it was super comfortable! I already have $14.99 Avia pants that I've had for over a year, and I'm still loving them. So I know I will be happy with those. I'm looking forward to wearing the other items to some dance classes this week. My guidelines for purchasing workout clothes:
  1. Leggings should not be see-through.
  2. Leggings should not cut off my circulation.
  3. Leggings should be sleek and not bunch up...anywhere.
  4. Workout shirts must be sleeveless (even short sleeves make me claustrophobic).
  5. Workout shirts should be breathable.
That's all she wrote! You'll be the first to know if any of my fitness fashion items on a budget let me down! Until next week, keep that booty movin' and a groovin'.

A penny for your thoughts...
  • What are your favorite workout leggings? Seriously, I want to know what they are, why you love them, and where you bought them! 
  • Where are your favorite places to buy workout clothes?
  • Do you like to buy cute, new workout clothes or use old clothes you don't like anymore? My workout wardrobe is a mix of both! 


  1. I'm not sure what outfit would make you look bad even just a little bit bad. I'd like to see that.

    1. Ha! Next time, I will take pictures in the dressing room....there were some disasters!